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Network Attached Storage. Orchestrated by CDW.

CDW carries an extensive array of network attached storage (NAS) devices that allow you to upgrade or convert from another form of storage on your network.

When you need a storage solution that runs 24/7 and stands up to heavy volume use, an enterprise NAS solution would be the ideal answer. Workgroup NAS servers work equally hard and allow users on the network to access files and folders on the server. They also give you the ability to set user permissions to protect data by allowing only certain users to have access.

NAS enclosures function as a data storage unit on your network, much like giving each PC on the network its own huge hard drive disk (HDD); however, all users on the network may access the data. This is an economical storage solution when paired with commodity HDDs.

NAS is an important part of your data center, so CDW offers trusted brands like NETGEAR, Dell and Nimble Storage so you can shop knowing your NAS solution is backed by a quality name.

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