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Laptop Accessories. Orchestrated by CDW.

In today's changing work environment, employees are more mobile than ever before, and businesses often issue employees laptops instead of desktop computers. But laptops come with their own challenges, which may require additional accessories to optimize use and performance.

Docking stations allow laptops to function as desktops, giving you the ability to hook up multiple monitors and wireless keyboards and mice. This works well for employees with home offices. Additional laptop batteries would be a good investment for employees that don't have the time or location to charge their devices. Find the battery that works for your device with our Battery & Power Finder. Durable carrying cases or sleeves are also important and useful accessories that protect the laptop during travel.

CDW partners with the most trusted brands, such as 3M, Logitech and Belkin, to offer laptop accessories that meet the needs of your business and your employees.

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