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Mice and keyboards are the two major touchpoints on computers. The right mouse provides ergonomic comfort and ease of use for scrolling through documents, maneuvering across spreadsheets and creating presentations. CDW offers multiple options from trusted brands such as Microsoft, Logitech and Kensington.

There are multiple options available today instead of a standard, wired mouse. Trackballs allow the user to control movement with a thumb instead of the whole hand, providing ergonomic comfort. Touchpads offer a more natural yet high-tech feel over a standard mouse. Wireless USB mice offer plug-and-play convenience to reduce the amount of wires cluttering your desktop. They are also useful to add to a laptop when a touchpad doesn't provide the feel you need.

Find the mouse that works for you or your employees while saving on popular brands. Keyboard and mouse bundles offer a complete package for comfort and usability in one convenient package.

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