He also has real organizational challenges. So even with all his holiday magic, Santa could still benefit from a range of IT solutions to make his entire operation more productive, secure and efficient.

In the video series below, a team of CDW experts describe the process of transforming Santa’s North Pole production and distribution facility, thus bringing it into the 21st century.

We Get How Santa Can Make Sure the Elves Aren't Slacking Off.

When you can’t be there in person, we can help you implement video solutions to make sure everything back at the workshop is running smoothly.

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We Get How to Make Santa's Workshop More Energy-Efficient.

Our experts can keep your workforce hammering away with a scalable network that maximizes bandwidth and minimizes power usage.

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We Get Mobility Solutions for All Kinds of Workers. Even Elves.

Because we work with a variety of partners, we offer a broad selection of mobile devices and can help you choose the right fit for your unique workforce.

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We Get Santa Might Be Resistant to Change.

We have the expertise to help you transform your infrastructure and convince even the most traditional C-suite executive that it’s an investment worth making.

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We Get Even Santa Can Get Hacked.

From user education to endpoint security, our experts can help you protect your organization from people with not-so-nice intentions.

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We Get Santa's Workshop Needs to Scale Up for Q4.

Whether your slow season lasts 11 months or just a few weeks, our experts can implement a solution that scales to meet your demands.

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Read how we designed and deployed several IT solutions throughout Santa’s entire operation, making his workshop more productive, protecting customer data and even connecting and securing his delivery vehicle.