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CDW Healthcare’s Patient Engagement Perspectives
February 25, 2016

When it comes to patient engagement, there are two distinct sides to the story – the consumer/patient perspective and the provider perspective. Recognizing that motivations for and barriers to patient engagement may not be the same from both vantage points, CDW Healthcare conducted a survey of 200 patients and 200 healthcare providers to better understand how needs, challenges and motivators differ between the two groups.

The resulting CDW Healthcare Patient Engagement Study explores patient engagement levels, priorities and technologies – and what the future holds for both patients and providers.

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Key Findings
  • Patients Are Becoming More Engaged:
    • 57% of patients say they have become more engaged with their healthcare during the past two years
    • 70% of providers have noticed a change in their patients’ level of engagement with their own healthcare
  • Patient and Providers See Things Differently:
    • 60% of providers say improving patient engagement is a top priority at their organization, but only 35% of patients say they have noticed their providers become more engaged with them
    • Meanwhile, 58% of providers report improved engagement with patients in the past two years
  • Patients and Providers Embrace Digital:
    • Patients and providers agree on the two most valuable methods for encouraging patient engagement: Web-based access to general healthcare information and online patient portals
    • However, providers see significantly greater value in mobile applications than patients, while patients see significantly greater value in online chat capabilities than providers
  • Roadblocks to Engagement Remain:
    • 65% of patients say they face challenges when trying to engage with their healthcare providers
    • Those aged 18-49 are 19% more likely to say they face challenges when trying to engage with their healthcare than those above age 50
  • Providers Are Optimistic:
    • 60% of providers believe that providing patients with greater online access to their personal healthcare information would improve their quality of care
    • 28% of providers say they either allow or plan to enable patients to merge information stored on their mobile devices or wearable technologies to the online patient portal they offer

In September and October 2015, CDW Healthcare surveyed 200 chronic patients, defined as those who have been to the doctor six or more times in the past year (includes visits to any primary physician or specialist, excluding dental care) and 200 physicians and physician assistants at U.S. healthcare organizations/facilities, both ambulatory and inpatient, to compare and contrast perceptions and perspectives when it comes to patient engagement. The margin of error for both surveys is ±6.9% at a 95% confidence level.

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