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The Splunk Path to Operational Intelligence

Complexity is now a way of life for IT, with a rapidly growing and evolving set of digital footprints to monitor and manage. At the same time, the consequences for IT failures have never been higher. Operational Intelligence enables you to get the most value from the IT and technology infrastructure data you already have — helping you to solve problems and address issues faster, isolate performance bottlenecks and use data analysis to drive better business decisions.

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Monitor Your Data

Splunker Stephen Luedtke reveals highlights from Splunk Enterprise 7.0, including the new Splunk metrics engine, enhancements to Splunk visuals and advancements in Splunk machine learning.

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What's New in Splunk Enterprise 7.0

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Splunk makes machine data accessible, usable and valuable to everyone.

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A Proactive Approach to Security

See how Heartland Jiffy Lube improved the safety of its team members and customers with Splunk.

Building an Airport of the Future

Hear how Dubai Airports and Splunk improved service and security for millions of travelers.

Say Goodbye to Silos

See how Splunk addressed problems in UNC's data silos to deliver better operational insights for users.


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