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We work together to securely enable a safe and interconnected world.

About McAfee

With its Security Connected strategy, hardware-enhanced security and unique Global Threat Intelligence, McAfee develops proactive, proven security solutions and services to protect systems, networks and mobile devices.

Endpoint Solutions

McAfee is changing the way you fight threats with endpoint protection suites that defend against all five threat vectors — system, email, web, data and network. Get high-performing endpoint protection for businesses of all sizes.

Endpoint Security: An Integrated Security Approach

Learn how endpoint security can integrate with other technologies and stop malware with centralized management for greater visibility.

Integrated Threat Defense

Build an intelligent, collaborative framework. Working with the McAfee Portfolio, our team can help remove redundant or siloed technologies in favor of technologies that work together to improve your protection and lower operational costs.

Combating Ransomware

Jon Cairns, VP of EMEA pre-sales at McAfee explains the importance of being able to detect ransomware faster for stronger threat protection.

Safeguard Data

Become more vigilant and innovative in controlling unauthorized access to and theft of data.

CISO's Holistic Approach to Security

Learn how CISO used gained visibility into user behavior on the network and in the cloud for holistic security.

Embedded Solutions

McAfee's embedded solutions provide a single solution for system integrity, change control and policy compliance.

The Internet of Things

How do you maintain security as the Internet of Things continues to grow? Intel, McAfee and Wind River are on it.