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Secure and Optimize your Contact Center with ChromeOS

Whether your business leverages modern CCaaS or a virtualized contact center solution, ChromeOS and CDW have you covered with customized solutions.

Why ChromeOS for Contact Centers

ChromeOS, a cloud-first OS and a modern contact center platform, keeps your business on the cutting edge of technology. With ChromeOS, contact centers can provide seamless access to business-critical tools with shareable, easy-to-deploy ChromeOS devices.

Protect Your Business

Safeguard your business from ransomware, malware and employee errors with proactive security features.

Increase Agent Productivity

Reduce the cognitive load on your agents with an intuitive and productive experience on ChromeOS.

Deploy and Manage

Manage and deploy stress-free even with high turnover rates and distributed workforces.


ChromeOS integrates easily with your organization's contact center framework and virtualization solutions, creating a secure and optimized experience. 

Realize your contact center's potential with ChromeOS and CDW.

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