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With the most effective tools for business, everyone can seize the work day like never before.


See how simple and cost-effective it is to procure, deploy and support Apple products with Apple Employee Choice.

Fundamentally Secure

Apple products are secure by design. With industry-leading data protection, powerful built-in technologies and frequent software updates, information stays in the right hands.

Platform Security (PDF)

Simply Compatible

Apple devices work seamlessly with your existing infrastructure as well as with your employees' favorite business apps and systems. From Microsoft Office 365 to SAP, it's all good to go.

Compatibility (PDF)

Easily Managed

With zero-touch deployment and over-the-air management, Apple products are effortless to set up, distribute and manage at scale. In a word, simple.

Deployment and Management (PDF)

Gets More Done

Powerful hardware meets intuitive software meets the best productivity apps in the business. Empower your employees to do their best work with the products they love.

Productivity (PDF)

Lowers Cost

Low supports costs, high residual value and flexible financial programs all add up to lower total cost of ownership. When you choose Apple products, you're making a smart investment.

A Smart Investment (PDF)

And that's just the beginning. See how it all comes together when a few employees have two days and one chance to make the impossible possible.

Apple Employee Choice Guide

A Choice Your Employees Will Love

Employees do their best work with the products they know and love.
And with Apple Employee Choice, it's easier than ever to get Apple products into the hands of employees who want them.

Employee Choice Guide (PDF)



Apple at Work and CDW

CDW has the expertise and resources to help you bring Apple products to your company.