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Managed Collaboration Anywhere Puts Zoom Users in Focus

MCA tailors Zoom environment support with specific levels of service.

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Organizations looking for outside expertise with managing a Zoom environment might consider Zoom-focused Managed Collaboration Anywhere services. Depending on how much support is required, customers can select from basic, essential or premium tiers, as well as add-on options, from help desk support to complete network management.

MCA Zoom Options

Basic service is for organizations looking for minimal assistance managing the environment. They may have some support to perform tasks and administer changes but need backup support. The value that CDW support brings with the basic package includes break-fix and “move, add, change, delete” tasks (MACD). It also includes the flexibility of 24 hours to be used as needed. This option is also the most economical. 

Essential service is intended for organizations looking for a higher level of support. It also provides some proactive account support with a customer success manager on strategic business needs. This option also includes a larger bucket of hours as needed. 

Premium service is intended for customers who want a fully managed environment, expect a large amount of MACDs and want the highest level of support. With this level of support, customers will receive unlimited MACDs. 

Help Desk Support

After customers select their MCA tier, they have the option to add CDW help desk services for the Zoom deployment. The help desk can take the end-user call and, if necessary, escalate  to higher levels of support. This additional service is beneficial for customers who are looking to reduce costs or are looking to focus on other internal business projects.

Network Management

For end-to-end solutions, the last piece of the puzzle is to manage the network on which Zoom services run. CDW has an extensive catalog that covers many network components and, if desired, the customer can elect to have it managed with Zoom, in which case CDW would be able to manage the entire customer experience.

Zoom Call Experience Testing

Recently added, the Call Experience Testing Solution provides organizations with a real-time method to ensure the expected Zoom calling experience for their customers is being met. Missing calls or calls directed incorrectly can have a negative impact on a business, especially in today’s environment. 

This service will call over the public switched telephone network (PSTN) and go through automatic call distributor (ACD) call treatment, if desired, and end at a prompt. When initially set up, it records the expected response and whether any subsequent calls preformed on a scheduled basis fail. If so, it will trigger an alert. There are multiple calling options available from a frequency perspective. Reports are generated and are provided to the customer on a weekly basis.  

CDW’s goal with this portfolio is to provide customers with options that fit their needs today and in the future. Overall, by providing multiple options, we are assuring the user experience will be optimal for customers using the Zoom solution.

Story by Andy Kleinheinz, a senior technical architect on the R&D team at CDW. More than 22 years at CDW, Andy has gone from an intern on the help desk to working up to his current position. He enjoys figuring out business problems for customers andproviding the value and support they’re looking for.