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Position Your Startup for Growth with the Right Technology

It’s never too early to establish a secure, flexible environment.

Startup founders sometimes view IT as a matter for mature companies — something to worry about down the road. However, technology should be part of strategic planning regardless of a company’s age or size.

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The right solutions facilitate growth, increase agility and strengthen cybersecurity, all of which advance business development. Conversely, technology becomes a roadblock when startups lack the time, expertise or resources to reach the most critical milestones in a startup’s lifecycle: problem/solution fit, product/market fit, monetization and scale.

The social and economic upheaval related to the COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the importance of agility and the powerful ways in which it can be enabled by technology. Startups with a solid technology foundation are more likely to possess the resilience to ride out the storm and, perhaps, emerge even stronger.

Establish a Technology Foundation That Allows Your Startup to Grow

Across industries, cloud-based solutions have been a lifeline during the pandemic, facilitating remote work and keeping operations afloat. That’s one example of a technology choice that can become instrumental in a company’s ability to pivot in response to unforeseen challenges. Flexible solutions not only help your company grow but can also grow alongside it.

Technology choices also have a potential sales impact. For instance, a startup that relies on a single cloud vendor could hit a roadblock if it pursues a relationship with that vendor’s competitor. A multicloud environment could enable the company to work around those concerns.

Optimize Your Resources by Partnering with a Technology Expert

Every startup relies on technology for multiple purposes, such as product development, operations, revenue and customer care. The right technology partner can ensure that all these systems integrate in a way that allows the company to scale and win business.

As startups have been forced to shift gears in response to the pandemic, one of their biggest obstacles has been supporting remote employees. For many, this model may become standard operating procedure for the foreseeable future. Making sure teams have the tools they need to collaborate, manage customers and protect assets is a must.

When faced with these challenges, startups often benefit from outside expertise. In addition to taking a burden off of lean teams, a technology partner can recommend cost-effective solutions that help startups extend their runways. Partners’ capabilities, solutions and services can add significant value when startups need to maximize every resource without cutting corners.

Secure Your Assets and Prospects with the Right Data Protection

Cybersecurity is another concern that startups often dismiss, assuming they’re too small to be at risk. In reality, any company can be a target if it has something of value.

There’s another reason cybersecurity shouldn’t be an afterthought: it matters to prospects and investors. Customers pay attention to privacy, security and compliance, and investors want to ensure that valuation and intellectual property are protected.

Staying abreast of the evolving threat landscape is difficult; that’s why companies often engage a technology partner for this critical function. A solid risk management plan, backed by the right solutions and best practices, can turn the cybersecurity conversation from a liability into a selling point.

When technology strategy is proactive, it becomes less about control and more about competitive advantage — a way to help your startup win business without missing a beat.