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How Vulnerable is Your SCADA System

Make sure you have the powerful multilayered defenses you need to keep determined cyberattackers at bay.
  • April 10, 2018
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The risk of sabotage, disruption or shutdown of energy and utility operations has climbed precipitously as SCADA networks become increasingly interconnected with IT networks, IoT, the cloud and mobile devices. 

Effectively protecting critical infrastructure from sophisticated cyberattack groups such as Dragonfly requires a comprehensive, multilayered security strategy that enables companies to defend against threats as well as detect and respond quickly should an attack occur.

Key components include next-generation firewalls, gateway antivirus solutions, intrusion detection and protection systems, identity and access management solutions and enterprise device management. Regular security assessments and threat checks also play a vital role in identifying vulnerabilities that require remediation.

Check out our Solution in Action for a detailed look at how a technology-fueled security strategy can prevent attackers from disrupting your operations.

CDW has the expertise and experience to help energy and utility companies protect critical infrastructure through smart risk management and effective security strategies.
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