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Protect Mobile Users with Endpoint Defense

IT leaders must fight against serious risks as they enable mobile technologies that transform how users work.
The mobile workforce is growing. So are mobile threats. 

By 2020, mobile employees are projected to account for 72 percent of the workforce. But the mobile technologies they use represent a huge vulnerability for organizations. Security and risk management teams must be prepared to secure mobile deployments against threats such as phishing and ransomware.

Security vendors are creating comprehensive solutions that rely on a variety of techniques to defend against advancing mobile threats. These include:

Threat intelligence: By compiling information on security threats around the globe, security technologies can more readily recognize attacks. Knowing your opponent is crucial to creating an effective defense.

Application control: Some mobile threat defense solutions block the execution of untrusted applications. This prevents malware from gaining a foothold on systems. 

Sandboxing: When a suspicious file appears in email, containment strategies execute it within an isolated sandbox, preventing malware from damaging enterprise operations.

Check out our infographic on how mobile threat defense solutions can protect even far-flung mobile endpoints. 

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