Expert Review: Microsoft 365 and CDW Give Users the Best of All Worlds

CDW provides full migration, support and backup services for the productivity suite, delivering Microsoft's latest OS, office tools, mobility and security in one enterprise package.

It’s no secret that two of the most commonly used tools in almost every modern office are the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system, which combines both desktop and mobile computing capabilities, and the Office 365 suite of productivity tools, which includes such ubiquitous programs as Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and other standards. Microsoft is bundling these solutions into a single package called Microsoft 365, which is designed to serve the needs of an entire enterprise.

In addition to the productivity programs and office suite, Microsoft 365 comes equipped with layered security that protects user identities, personal information and any data stored by the various programs. The suite also offers many new productivity enhancements designed to enable users to express their creativity while collaborating with others. 

Microsoft 365 is designed to pull everything together, but doing so means the platform needs to work flawlessly in many different environments, and for numerous users. A smooth installation and always-available support are critical components for any enterprise installation.

CDW understands these concerns, and has built a support package that includes migration to the platform, technical support for users and full backups of important data should anything ever go wrong.

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Turning the Key

Moving from a legacy mail client to the advanced Microsoft Exchange Online platform represents a major hurdle for most enterprises. The experts at CDW use innovative SkyKick technology to help plan for any contingency, and then automate the process so that most migrations are completed in a matter of hours. This includes installing the proper clients on all platforms in an environment, including desktops, notebooks, smartphones and tablets. Users’ preferred settings are carried over during migration. 

This service simplifies the entire migration process, including planning, execution and even user onboarding, which means an organization can start using its purchased licenses within a few days, and legacy software can quickly be decommissioned.

In addition to a seamless installation, CDW teams also ensure that the latest Windows 10 security features are properly configured and implemented on every device. The operating system supports multifactor authentication, which further improves security, and can be integrated with Azure Active Directory to set up single sign-on for cloud and on-premises applications. Additionally, all devices are checked to ensure that they comply with an organization’s global security policy, during installation and any time afterward. 

Office Assurance

Microsoft 365 consolidates Office 365 and Windows 10, along with enterprise mobility and security tools.

Cloud Cover

Organizations can choose CDW Cloud Support with the Microsoft 365 package, which includes 24/7 expert help via phone, email or messaging.

Tranquil Transfer

Each standard CDW installation of Microsoft 365 includes migration across an entire enterprise.

Got Your Back (Office)

With enterprise installations, some users are inevitably going to require help and support, especially in the early days of an unfamiliar environment. Local support staff may not be trained to handle every query, especially in the volume that can follow a rollover. But CDW has migration covered with CDW Cloud Support, which is available 24/7 to help in-house IT teams.

From the user’s point of view, nothing changes. They contact the help desk if they run into a problem, as usual, but now have access to the experts at CDW via phone through a completely U.S.-based technical call center, or via email or chat applications. Support can also be added into any existing trouble ticket system, so local techs can work the way they always have, while also having the backing of the CDW experts whenever needed.

CDW Cloud Support is designed to get to the problem immediately, without layers of support technicians to wade through. The person who answers the phone can almost always fix the problem. And while CDW aims to have all calls answered within 120 seconds, the vast majority of help calls (81 percent) last only 42 seconds. 

The Whole Package

Standardizing on the Microsoft 365 platform is a perfect solution for organizations that value user productivity, collaboration and data security. Partnering with CDW to provide a quick and clean installation, full technical support for any program at any time and a powerful yet flexible backup plan is the best way to get up and running with the innovative new platform as quickly as possible.

The experts at CDW can ensure a seamless transition to this robust platform and support a safe and efficient working environment for each Microsoft 365 user across the enterprise.   

A Supreme Safety Net

Microsoft 365 is designed to work smoothly across the entire enterprise. But of course, bad things can still happen. Files can become corrupted, users can accidentally delete critical files and malware can be used to destroy important information.

To address these concerns, every installation of Microsoft 365 performed by CDW comes with a comprehensive backup plan. Using the same SkyKick technology that drives each installation, CDW can protect information across the enterprise with continuous cloud backups.

A snapshot of all data is taken six times each day, so each snapshot is no older than four hours. Experts at CDW can take a variety of actions to recover individual user information or files across an entire enterprise. Specifically, CDW protects everything running through Exchange, SharePoint and OneDrive. This includes all email, contacts, calendar events, mailboxes and folders within Microsoft 365. The backups provide a useful option in case the organization is the victim of a successful cyberattack, through ransomware for instance.

File restorations are targeted, so only missing or corrupt information is recovered, down to specific user mailboxes, data or files, ensuring that restoring from backup is completed as quickly as possible.

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