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Building a Secure Future in the Age of Remote Work

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The way businesses operate has changed, and the way that they protect their environments must adjust. Whether it’s implementing zero-trust principles or assessing threats, organizations have new considerations when building their security frameworks. 

Watch Building a Secure Future in the Age of Remote Work to learn about the key elements businesses need to defend their environments in a hybrid work world.



  • How at risk are organizations right now?
  • What can businesses do to protect themselves against threats presented by remote work?
  • How has accelerated digital transformation affected security?
  • How can organizations begin implementing zero trust?
  • How can IT stay ahead of the curve in security?

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Andrew Mundell
Andrew Mundell

Andrew Mundell, Principal Security Engineer, Sophos

As principal security engineer at Sophos, Andrew focuses on threat prevention and investigation technologies. Andrew provides security teams and CISOs from wide-ranging industries with practical, real-world advice on preventing, detecting and responding to the latest cybersecurity threats. 

Prior to joining Sophos in 2008, Andrew held positions overseeing infrastructure and innovation technologies at the United Kingdom's Office of Communications and in infrastructure management for a leading global provider of information services.

Christopher Frenz, AVP of IT Security, Mount Sinai South Nassau

Christopher is the AVP of IT Security for Mount Sinai South Nassau. Previously, he was assistant vice president of information security for Interfaith Medical Center, a 287-bed facility in Brooklyn, N.Y., where he developed the hospital’s information security program and infrastructure. Under his leadership, the hospital was one of the first in the country to embrace a zero-trust model for network security. Christopher has also played a role in pushing for the adoption of improved security standards within hospitals and is the author of the OWASP Secure Medical Device Deployment Standard as well as the OWASP Anti-Ransomware Guide.

Tyler McChristian
Tyler McChristian

Tyler McChristian, Field Solution Architect, Information Security, CDW

Tyler joined CDW in 2014 as an account manager supporting small and midsize businesses in Georgia, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas, with a focus on securing customer environments. Tyler was a founding member of the integrated technology solutions small business team, serving as a security solutions adviser. He has assisted customers across the United States in pre-sales security product architecture and in advocating for assessment and implementation services. Tyler has worked with several of CDW’s partners to improve their products and address customer needs.