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How Businesses Can Drive Innovation from the Inside Out

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When organizations want to tap into new capabilities, they often turn to the latest technology with an expectation that it will take their operations to the next level. But the process of innovation actually begins earlier, by looking within the organization to develop an identity and culture that cultivate creativity and growth. 

Watch How Businesses Can Drive Innovation from the Inside Out, where we’ll discuss how to create an environment that fosters innovation, and how to use data to glean insights that can be valuable to that transformation. 


  • Adrian “Esco” Escobedo, Digital Transformation Evangelist, Lenovo
  • Ed Soo Hoo, Innovation & Transformation Executive, Lenovo
  • John Encizo, Field CTO, Solutions Architect, Lenovo
  • Mark Chong, Senior Vice President, Strategy and Marketing, CDW
  • Amarnath Lingam, Vice President Data Science and Analytics, CDW


  • How can your business foster innovation?
  • How can your organization make sure it’s ready to foster innovation?
  • What does your organization need to build customer-centric IT?
  • How can your business use data science to glean internal insight?
  • What are the main pillars of data science that your organization needs to consider?
  • How can your organization implement data tools holistically?

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Adrian “Esco” Escobedo, Digital Transformation Evangelist, Lenovo

Esco is a senior strategist whose work centers on the collection of data, future trends and tailored exploration and discovery to help organizations be creative and curious in order to truly innovate. As the team’s digital transformation evangelist, Esco directional conversations and overall sales strategy while helping client partners explore new lines of business through the analysis and optimization of their own data.

Ed Soo Hoo, Innovation and Transformation Executive, Lenovo

Ed Soo Hoo is an asymmetrical thinker capable of crossing the intellectual and practical boundaries of enterprise and technology. Ed is known for strategic thinking, allowing companies to expand from now to new to next. As an innovation and transformation executive, Ed connects the dots of technology and turns that capability into business-altering solutions for organizations. His talent for enabling, leveraging and enhancing existing operational models and ecosystems is truly transformational.

John Encizo, Field CTO, Solution Architect, Lenovo

John is a senior strategic thinker and solution architect who brings a keen diagnostic skill set to any conversation. As CTO for the team, John works with senior leaders to translate business and operational vision into technical solutions. His advisory expertise lies in discovering and augmenting business value through technical innovation and organizational change.

Mark Chong
Mark Chong

Mark Chong, Senior Vice President, Strategy and Marketing, CDW

Mark is senior vice president of strategy and marketing for CDW. He is responsible for corporate strategy, business development and all marketing functions, including analytics and insights, brand, advertising and sponsorships, campaign planning and execution, and corporate communications.

Prior to joining CDW, Mark was a partner at Bain & Company, a global management consulting firm. Prior to that, he held executive positions at Honeywell International, where he served as vice president of strategy and marketing for the aerospace business. 

Mark earned a bachelor’s degree in physics from the University of Chicago and a master’s degree in business administration from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He serves on the board of directors for Make-A-Wish Illinois.