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Empowering Your Workforce

Live Webcast | 1 p.m. CST on April 13, 2021


The en masse shift to remote work created a driving need for greater workplace flexibility and has had a long-lasting impact on teams. Today, workforces demand processes and capabilities that enable them to operate effectively anywhere, anytime.

Join us for the CDW Tech Talk: Empowering Your Workforce to explore how creative technology solutions and applications transform, enhance and expand productivity and collaboration to ensure maximum yield and minimal disruption.

This live webcast is part of our broader conversation about empowering teams and gives you real-time access to subject matter experts and fellow IT and business leaders in a way that stale, prerecorded webinars can’t hope to replicate.


  • How can you deliver effective leadership and build a culture of collaboration when your organization is largely remote?
  • How can you build a collaboration roadmap that addresses your needs now and in the future?
  • What is the value of IT support services, particularly for organizations with hybrid workers?
  • How and why should you enable user device choice?
  • What resources and skills does your organization need to keep remote workers secure?
  • What solutions and processes can help your workforce follow new safety and health practices while in the office?

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