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Our ESG journey is focused where CDW can make the greatest impact and sustainably add value for our stakeholders.

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We use our reach, scale and capabilities to create opportunities for people and communities.

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We strive to be sustainable and efficient in our operational practices and seek to positively impact the environmental performance of our value chain.

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We help others advance their own ESG efforts by providing products that address environmental and societal needs, and collaborate to amplify the collective impact of the technology sector.

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With every interaction, we strive to inspire trust and confidence in CDW among all our stakeholders.

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Access our library of case studies demonstrating the tangible impact of our ESG program.

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Explore our library of ESG resources including our 2023 ESG Report, 2023 Executive Summary,  TCFD and SASB disclosures.

Empower Month: Supporting Our Communities

Supporting the communities where we live and work is central to the CDW coworker experience. In addition to the company’s enterprise-wide commitment to addressing digital equity, we support coworkers’ volunteerism and philanthropic efforts, which enable them to utilize their skills to make an impact.

Through our Social Impact work, we are empowering our communities to reach their unlimited potential every day. Additionally, this October, CDW celebrated Empower Month. The initiative was dedicated to empowering coworkers globally in their giving, with opportunities to engage with local communities on a deeper level.

Empower Month activities occurred throughout our North American and UK footprint. Here’s a quick snapshot of highlights:

CDW coworkers are passionate about a variety of causes, and we encourage them to support the charitable organizations that matter most to them throughout the year. Coworkers are given eight hours of paid time off annually to volunteer. 

Collage of photos of CDW coworkers volunteering during Empower Month in October