Ergotron CDW

A charging system for every need. CDW and Ergotron make charging devices safe, secure, flexible and efficient.

About Ergotron

Our growing portfolio of beautifully designed mounting and mobility products for computer systems, displays, laptops, TVs, tablets and mobile devices has empowered Ergotron to innovate in each of these markets while continuing to provide solutions for nearly every niche.

Students Test Out the LearnFit

See what real students and teachers say after trying the LearnFit adjustable desk.

Best-Selling Ergotron Charging Solutions

Charge, secure and manage all your handheld devices, such as tablets, laptops, iPads or Chromebooks, with Ergotron's thoughtfully designed storage and charging systems. Compatible with numerous manufacturers, including Microsoft, Samsung, Apple, HP, Lenovo and Dell, Ergotron carts and cabinets keep your valuable devices protected and powered up. 

Best-Selling Ergotron Workstations and Mounts

Working at a desk doesn't mean you have to be sedentary. Ergotron's standing desks, including the WorkFit line, come with options such as suspended keyboards and extra workspace. With an Ergotron mount, you can adjust the precise angle of your monitor for optimal comfort.

Best-Selling Ergotron Medical Carts

When your work keeps you on the go, you need a cart that keeps up. Whether you're looking for nimble, ergonomic or lightweight, Ergotron has a cart that goes wherever your work takes you.

Best-Selling Ergotron Wall Mounts

Take comfort to a new level with Ergotron's versatile wall mounts. Designed to adapt to myriad display needs, they can accommodate a wide variety of positions and angles, freeing up floor space.

Ergotron Resources

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See how a middle-schooler adjusted to working at a standing desk for a year.

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Maximize desk space with this adjustable two-screen mount.

How Do You Want to Work?

See how a WorkFit sit-stand workstation can help create a healthier workspace and a healthier you.