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Symantec Altiris

Symantec Altiris solutions offer a modular and future-proof approach to managing highly diverse and widely distributed IT infrastructures. Open solutions, Symantec Altiris products enable lifecycle integration of client, handheld, server, network and other IT assets with audit-ready security and automated operation.

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Reduce IT costs and improve efficiencies

Reduce IT costs and complexities while improving efficiences with comprehensive, integrated client and server management. Take control while enjoying cost savings through power-saving policies in support of corporate green initiatives.

Enjoy comprehensive system discovery, plus hardware and software inventory. Benefit from intelligent software management and delivery with OS migration, imaging and deployment technologies. Simplify remote management and troubleshooting with proactive monitoring.

Altiris Client Management Suite

Altiris Client Management Suite tightly integrates industry-leading technologies to reduce the total cost of owning client systems.

Altiris Client Management Suite:

  • Reduces the costs associated with deploying, managing, and troubleshooting client systems
  • Includes all all-star cost of technology, including Ghost imaging, pcAnywhere remote control and Wise packaging tools
  • Offers complete support for Windows, Linux, and Mac client systems

Altiris Server Management Suite

Altiris Server Management Suite provides IT administrators with a comprehensive solution for managing physical and virtual servers.

Altiris Server Management Suite:

  • Centralizes management and proactive monitoring of mixed hardware and OS environments
  • Implements consistent server configurations and make informed decisions with accurate inventory reports
  • Reduces errors and increase efficiencies by automating server provisioning

Comprehensive IT asset lifecycle management

Eliminate unnecessary software and hardware costs, proactively manage vendor contracts and align service resources with ITIL to ensure IT investments are optimized.

More easily assess software and hardware usage for reallocation and contract negotiation. Proactively resolve incidents and problems to ensure asset and service availability.

Altiris Asset Management Suite

Altiris Asset Management Suite maximizes existing IT investments by actively eliminating unnecessary costs, managing contracts, aligning service resources with ITIL standards, and accurately measuring asset total cost of ownership (TCO).

Altiris Asset Management Suite:

  • Easily discovers and tracks all IT assets throughout their lifecycle
  • Allows asset managers to accomplish everyday tasks as well as prepare for future initiatives with a simple right-click menu
  • Includes pre-built workflow templates that automate common tasks and business processes.

Symantec ServiceDesk

Symantec ServiceDesk is a powerful ITIL-based incident, problem, change, release, and knowledge management tool that improves availability and service levels while reducing costs.

Symantec ServiceDesk:

  • Offers complete incident management and resolution capabilities right out of the box
  • Includes built-in workflow to automatically assign and escalate tickets to the proper Helpdesk technicians
  • Generates Web reports to ensure quality of service and efficient IT operations

IT Workflow

Define, design and deliver automated IT processes and workflows that drive business with end-to-end automation featuring operational, productivity and event-based decision rules.

No coding required with the visual drag-n-drop design, featuring built- in application-access capabilities, including Web services, SQL and Oracle.

Altiris IT Management Suite

Altiris IT Management Suite is the industry’s most comprehensive and integrated suite for reducing the cost and complexity of owning and managing corporate IT assets including desktops, laptops, and servers.

Altiris IT Management Suite:
  • Provides integrated IT lifecycle management solution
  • Offers a common, web-based console
  • Allows for IT Process Automation

Smart Integration (“Get Started with the Basics”)

Symantec security and data management products are built on a unified management foundation with a common console for simplified integration
of multiple Symantec products to form a complete solution.

Take control with centralized management of system backup and recovery. Keep tabs on perfromance with comprehensive reporting through integrated dashboards and actionable reports.

Altiris Inventory Solution

Altiris Inventory Solution software reduces the cost of identifying and managing heterogeneous devices throughout your enterprise.

Altiris Inventory Solution offers:

  • Allows you to inventory virtually any system, including Windows, UNIX, Linux, Macintosh, handheld and network devices
  • Reduces the cost and complexity associated with application and OS rollouts and updates
  • Improves application supportability and reduce support costs

Altiris Deployment Solution

Altiris Deployment Solution helps reduce the cost of deploying and managing servers, desktops, and notebooks from a centralized location in your environment.

Symantec Altiris Deployment Solution offers:

  • A single deployment solution for desktops, servers, notebooks and thin clients
  • Wizards to help you build events to perform common management tasks
  • Tools to browse remotely to diagnosis and repair of problems on systems
  • Hands-free migrations for quick results and better reliability

Symantec Volume Licensing Programs

To learn more about Symantec Volume Software Licensing, please contact your account manager or click here to submit a request for more information.

Symantec Express Program

Symantec Express Program is for small to mid-sized companies that need an easy way to purchase license quantities— without the complexity of contracts.

The Express Program simplifies buying license quantities for use within the country of purchase. Buyers are freed from formal contracts and commitments, and are eligible to receive discounts for purchases that grow with the size of each order. Managing your discount eligibility can help you manage your bottom line.

  • Available for all software products
  • No ongoing financial commitment
  • Incentives for total volume of each order
  • No signed contact required
  • Low minimum requirements


Symantec Rewards Program

Symantec Rewards Program is for mid-sized to large organizations and affiliates that need streamlined procurement, volume-purchasing incentives, predictable pricing, and de-centralized purchasing under a common Symantec Agreement Number (SAN).

Enrollment in the Symantec Rewards Program is through MySymantec. Once enrolled, a Symantec Agreement Number (SAN) will be issued so that Rewards orders may be placed. Annual membership renewals are automatic, so no further action is required.

  • Available for all software products
  • Rewards purchasing volume and ongoing relationship
  • Easy online enrollment, ordering, account management and tracking
  • Enables support and maintenance service co-termination

Symantec Enterprise Options

Symantec Enterprise Options are negotiated contractual engagements.

This prepaid licensing program allows large domestic and global organizations to deploy a specific monetary value of new licenses, within specific Symantec product families, for specific OS platforms, over a specific time period, at specific discounts.

  • Keep pace with changing needs while getting defined savings of a prepaid discount custom licensing program
  • Enables support and maintenance service co-termination
  • Flexible, self-managed deployment of new licenses at the time they are needed
  • Online account management streamlines purchasing, management and tracking new license deployments


Compare Program Features:
Available Symantec Volume Licensing Programs
Express Rewards Enterprise Options
Organization Type Small to Medium Medium to Large Large/Global
Minimum purchase requirements 1 server or desktop
per transaction
2,000 points initial order Contact Symantec
Agreement Type Certificate Online terms and conditions Contract
Discounts Per transaction Based on terms of program or accumulated points Contract - based on terms of program contract
License deployment rights Country of purchase Based on program terms Based on contract terms
De-centralized purchasing
(subsidiaries/ affiliates)
No Yes Yes
Available support and maintenance services Yes Yes Yes
Consolidation of support and maintenance services No Yes Yes
Symantec Agreement Number (SAN) Yes Yes Yes

Symantec Volume Licensing Discount Pricing Bands
Pricing Brand Level Express Rewards Enterprise
S 1 N/A N/A
A 1-24 2,000-11,999 N/A
B 25-49 12,000-19,999 N/A
C 50-99 20,000-49,999 N/A
D 100-249 50,000-99,999 N/A
E 250-499 100,000+ N/A
F 500+ N/A N/A
Notes Levels are calculated by product, SKU quantity, total purchase amount, region and currency rates. Discounts are provided to the entity placing the order with Symantec. For channel orders, Symantec provides the appropriate band level pricing to the channel partner, and the customer then arranges pricing the order with its reseller. Levels are based on points accumulated from purchases made. The initial order sets the initial price band. Then, aggregated points accumulation creates an opportunity to move your organization into more advantageous price bands. Band levels for ongoing purchasing are adjusted annually based on points earned in the prior year. Discounts are provided to the entity placing the order with Symantec. For channel orders Symantec provides the appropriate band level pricing to the channel partner, and the customer then Levels are calculated by product, SKU quantity, total purchase amount, region and currency rates. Discounts are provided to the entity placing the order with Symantec. For channel orders, Symantec provides the appropriate band level pricing to the channel partner, and the customer then arranges pricing the order with its reseller.

Symantec Support & Maintenance Services

Basic Maintenance

Entry-level service offering best suited for organizations that run Symantec products on non-essential systems only.

Essential Support

Minimum recommended level of support for most enterprises, providing 24x7 access to Symantec's support experts.

Business Critical

Provides personalized, proactive support from technical experts for enterprises that require secure, uninterrupted access.

Symantec's Support & Maintenance Services help you keep your organization protected in today's connected world. Flexible, comprehensive solutions help you ensure that your installed Symantec products are fully functional, running smoothly, and delivering maximum value.

Business Critical Support
Enterprise Support Services Basic Maintenance Essential Support Advanced Access Remote Product Specialist Premier Data Center National & Global
Severity One Initial Response Time Goals 1 hour 30 minutes 15 minutes 15 minutes 15 minutes
Telephone Access to Support Engineers 8am-6pm Business hours 24x7x365 24x7x365 24x7x365 24x7x365
Downloadable software upgrades, updates, and patches          
Designated Callers 2 per Product Title 6 per Product Title 6 per Product Family 6 per Product Family Unlimited
Priority Call Queuing          
Direct Access to Advanced Engineers          
Designated Single Point of Contact          
Business Critical Account Manager (BCAM)          
Business Critical Engineer (BCE)          
Onsite Visits (Fly-to-Site)          
Account Reviews          
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