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CDW offers a complete approach to acquiring, managing,
and integrating mobility into your existing infrastructure.
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CDW offers a complete approach to acquiring, managing, and integrating mobility into your existing infrastructure.
A successful strategy consists of a roadmap, data and device policies, mobile security and application and network integration.


Collaborating with leading experts and strategists, CDW offers strategy development workshops, planning and other consultative services customized to the needs of your organization. Together with your stakeholders, CDW's partners will assess project priorities and requirements based on an itemized roadmap. Your tailored roadmap will outline near term and long-term steps and milestones and serve as an on-going checkpoint for progress.
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Clearly written policies governing mobile device use for both organization and individual protection are critical. Our solution architects have extensive best practice knowledge and the expertise to initiate policy planning tailored to the needs of your organization.
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Organizations must accommodate new ways of working, as mobility becomes the norm. For network and security managers, the influx of mobile devices and applications represent the worrisome prospect of organizational data leaks. Mobile devices are increasingly connected to wireless LANs and other networks that don't provide protection through network-based firewalls. While helping your organization establish a BYOD program or corporate owned program, CDW can deploy host-based firewall solutions for mobile devices.
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CDW will help you assess, design and optimize your wireless network platform — and provide annual check-ups along the way. We begin with a Site Survey to provide an optimal network design roadmap and identify potential interference, coverage issues and security concerns in order to propose solutions to remediate any difficulties.
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CDW joined forces with expert developers of leading enterprise apps to bring you the CDW App Marketplace. Considering work flows and business goals first, CDW and our partners identify a strategy that includes:

  • business case and budget
  • mobile app policy and governance
  • architecture design
  • distribution
  • protection
  • management/support.

Additionally, virtualization options and collaboration strategy can impact your app strategy:


CDW can work with you to assess which desktop applications can be virtualized for access on tablets and other mobile devices. Often, the mobile user, using a smaller screen, may require a custom developed mobile app to optimize the user experience. CDW can help you identify a mobile app development strategy by first addressing the effectiveness of virtualized applications vs. apps developed from a “mobile first” approach — ensuring efficient and effective use of your resources and investment.


With our highly effective collaboration solutions and communication tools, we can implement a seamless, sophisticated solution that encourages collaboration by way of email, social media, instant messaging, and more. Whether you are looking at individual collaboration tools such as shared cloud storage or fully integrated Unified Communications solutions, solidifying your collaboration strategy will impact many of your Total Mobility Management decisions: devices, security, and app management to start.


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Streamline every aspect of ordering, deploying and managing mobile devices whether it's smartphones, laptops or tablets.


CDW enables bring your own device- and shared device programs; including policy planning, device security, management and end-user support through a dedicated BYOD Help Desk.

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A customizable and co-branded procurement portal helps you manage all of the strategic and tactical components associated with a successful procurement and provisioning program. CDW's flexible solution supports your corporate approval processes and ensures orders are controlled, tracked and completed according to your specifications and workflow.

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Depending on your organization policy, select from a full scope of mobile devices ranging from smartphones to tablets to laptops from any manufacturer.

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CDW's configuration experts work with your IT staff to ensure that your mobile devices arrive ready to use right out of the box, including customization and personalization services that ensure seamless deployment, reliability and security with personalization to represent your organization to both customers and employees in a unique and professional manner.


Personalize your devices with your organization's logo or any other image or text. Laser Etching is the process of engraving into the surface of a device leaving a permanent and professional marking.


Activation of your voice and data plans prior to shipment enables rapid deployment and ease of use for your end users regardless of their location.


CDW will physically tag your devices with either CDW asset tags, custom tags, or your tags if provided. In addition, we offer data capture services to consolidate all device and network identifiers into a database that can be accessed via a secure website.


Imaging services allow you to have your custom-configured "image" loaded onto systems you purchase before they ship. CDW can also apply specified policies, pre-loaded apps & network connections on both Apple and Android based platforms.

These fully configured systems can then be shipped to their end destination, reducing deployment time.


Device failures typically happen early in ownership. CDW can help you detect these issues before taking delivery. Devices will be powered on and run for an allotted amount of time. Diagnostic software will be used to test the system's components depending upon the hardware platform.



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A successful strategy consists of a roadmap, data and device policies, mobile security, and application and network integration.


With our Gartner Magic Quadrant partners, we offer the best in mobile management:

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Enable complete management of mobile devices for both organization-issued devices and BYOD environments. The simplest approach to secure BYOD management, MDM capabilities include security policies and profiles, remote locking and wiping, and centralized visibility at all times.

Manage traditional BES and multi-OS platforms, secure and manage customers/guest network access via Active Sync, and centralize email management.

Why Buy From CDW? MDM Info Sheet »

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Mobile Application Management (MAM)

Securely distribute and manage internal, public, and/or purchased apps for organizational use. Either CDW or your administrators use mobile application management to track new applications coming into the enterprise, determine the popularity of applications, and identify possible rogue applications. Policies can define what apps employees can access and block apps that pose security risks. In addition, administrators can monitor user adoption of mobile enterprise applications they have built and published.

Mobile Content Management (MCM)

Ensure corporate information is protected while providing employees with a simple way to access up-to-date documents anytime, anywhere from their mobile devices with encryption in transit and on devices. Cloud file sharing is also available to enable document or file folder sharing through an encrypted cloud source behind your firewall ensuring content never downloaded to a device.


Staying on top of every aspect of wireless expenses is complex. CDW's Mobility Management Portal simplifies every step of the process. The tool enables you to:
  • Reconcile carrier invoices to assets
  • Provide custom usage reports or invoices to meet finance or chargeback needs
  • Immediately view monthly, quarterly, or annual spend
  • Access critical mobile inventory and expense information
  • Monitor compliance 24/7
CDW's experienced teams provide wireless expense management support including performing monthly audit and optimization status review, quarterly savings summary reports, and ongoing client service.
  • Performs regular carrier invoice optimization
  • Regularly reviews Usage Defect optimization (SMS, directory assistance, roaming, overages, etc.)
  • Provides on-line visibility to call detail for end users, administrators
  • Provides view into workflow — approvals, cost management
  • Integrates into other enterprise systems to facilitate budgeting & forecasting

Mobile Expense Management Info Sheet »


From device policies to MDM to end-user support, CDW has your BYOD needs covered. Contact your account manager or solution architect today and find out how CDW can help you put an end-to-end BYOD management solution in place, including:
  • Mobile Device Policy Development and Management
  • Integrated Security Solutions including MDM
  • Remote MDM Administrative Support
  • End-User Live Help Desk available up to 24/7
  • End-User Self-Service Support via the Mobility Management Portal

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Explore our Total Mobility Management Protect Partners.

We provide IT with a dedicated account team, remote MDM support and admin services. Plus, we offer an end-user 24/7 help desk.


With a live help desk and self-service support via the Mobility Management Portal, professionals support your mobile work force every step of the way; including, loading, testing, packaging and shipping devices, accessories, replacements, and literature to address your mobile users' questions » whether it's about activating, syncing or troubleshooting the device. For MDM administrative support and management, we have professionals available to provide remote administration of your mobility management software » freeing your IT staff from a time intensive task. Help desk specialists will answer all technical, device, application, OS and carrier related issues. CDW provides:

CDW mobile support provides

  • Call Center services (standard and 24/7)
  • Online Chat services (standard and 24/7)
  • Self-Service Support via the Mobility Management Portal
CDW Total Mobility Management Support Services »

CDW MDM support provides:

MDM Application Configuration and Setup

  • Assistance with Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) Certificate
  • Assistance with network integration
  • Email Integration
  • Directory Service Integration
  • Certificate Service, SCEP, SAML, SMTP, or Proxy
  • Group Creation
  • Policy/Profile & Restriction Creation
  • Wireless Policy Best Practice
  • App Selection & Deployment
  • Content Management

Ongoing MDM Management

  • Configure new and modify existing Groups and Policies
  • Receive and manage alerts from MDM software
  • Incident Support
  • Implement upgrades
  • Implement support for new devices and new services
  • Device restriction changes
  • Implementation of Apps and Content
  • Escalate to MDM Vendor technical Support for Warranty related issues

MDM End User Support

  • Initial enrollment
  • Applications updates and license management
  • Content management push
  • Email activations
  • Device training
  • Policy enforcement
  • Alerts
  • Remote (un)Lock/Wipe
Support Implications to Keep in Mind »



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Empower employees with innovative solutions including enterprise apps, collaboration tools and storefronts to mobilize workflows.


Our one-of-a-kind app marketplace connects you with proven developers of leading enterprise apps.

The best path is to start with the right tools from day one. CDW helps you plan your Total Mobility Management strategy that paves the way to your ideal Mobile App Solution.

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Since mobile solutions increase productivity, reduce costs and serve employees and customers more effectively, CDW is committed to innovation and maximizing the potential of mobile technology.

Mobile App Development Solutions for the enterprise is a key focus for CDW and we continue to partner with leading mobile app developers.

Together with our partners, CDW not only designs and builds mobile apps with proven ROIs, but also develops comprehensive mobile app strategies. Additionally, our customers tell us that establishing the business justification and security are the biggest concerns. Together with our partners, we can help you quantify the business justification and CDW mobile specialists ensure integrated security solutions are integral to application development.

"The key characteristic for a mobile app is that it's well designed: It delivers value to the organization, and it excites end users and keeps them engaged."

John McGill | Vice President of Business Development at LexTech

Forbes Article: 2013 Roundup of Smartphone and Tablet Forecasts & Market Estimates »


CDW's Mobile App Development Solutions provide a range of custom development options specific to a key business function or industry vertical to ensure the right app is developed to integrate most successfully into your business and deliver value. Many enterprises have similar workflows and can build apps off pre-built functionalities and apps that have proven success.

Leveraging proven functionalities can eliminate weeks or months from the development schedule, yet still be customized to meet your specific business needs.

CDW's development partners have expertise across key industry verticals and all platforms, and we can match you with the right developer and guide you through every step of the development, deployment and management process.

Alternatively, we can connect you with a developer who can custom-develop a mobile app from the ground up with an end-to-end approach to ensure high-impact results.

CDW and our partners undertake a collaborative approach that starts with your business objective, budget and timeline to develop a comprehensive mobile application strategy as the foundation for customized app design, development, and deployment.

Contact you account manager or solution architect to see how a customized mobile app can mobilize existing or new workflows.


A centrally managed and branded app store enables your organization to provide a central point of access to the critical apps and tools that employees need to be productive in a mobile work environment. Employees are provided a catalog of mobile applications tailored to the needs of the organization or business. Apps are either approved by IT and available in commercial app stores or created by IT for internal business use. When the app store is on a registered device, it is tied to a specific user so the user can discover applications easily and IT can secure app distribution.

The Corporate App Store offers:

  • IT Controlled Publishing &Distribution
  • App Policy &Security Enforcement
  • Virus Checking &Monitoring
  • User/Group Access Control
  • License Management
  • Internal/External Apps Publishing
  • Mobile Content Publishing &Distribution

Our Third Party App Procurement offers:

  • Pre-Selected 3rd Party Apps
  • Business Categories
  • Volume and PO Purchasing
  • Free Apps
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