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CDW Gets Legal

In today’s competitive marketplace, law firms face many unique challenges: streamlining processes, improving efficiency, keeping clients happy and maintaining confidentiality—all while controlling costs. We’ve got a solution for you.

Document Management

Easily Store, Share and Retrieve Documents and Emails

The right document management solution enables legal firms to get time back in their day and get ahead by:

  • Reducing the time it takes to look for documents and emails, on any mobile device
  • Easily identifying and working on the most current versions
  • Reducing the need for administrative support
  • Despite the hype around Cloud, 77% of respondents still use file servers as their primary repository

    Source: "The State Of Document Management And Some Potentially Heretical Thinking,"
    –, July 23, 2014

    Legal Ease: Electronic-Document Management

    Read how electronic-document management helps law firms boost productivity and helps compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements in this whitepaper from CDW.
    Read the white paper.


    We understand that legal professionals have unique technology needs. And that a simple suite of office software simply isn’t enough to handle the challenges that today’s law firms face. That’s why our dedicated account managers will work with you to find a solution that’s not only legal specific, but also tailored to the needs of your firm.

    E-Discovery Software

    With more than 90 percent of documents being created electronically, law firms require a new way to handle retrieval and processing techniques. E-discovery software can help your firm accelerate early case assessments and reduce the overall cost, time and risk of e-discovery.

    Litigation Support Software

    The right litigation support software can help you manage your cases better. Designed specifically for the business of law, litigation support software effectively manages and processes the large number of transcripts and documents typical of any case. It also allows you to mark up and analyze testimony in real time, giving you the ability to import, extract and convert files quickly for court presentations. In addition, unique portability features mean you can work where you need to and share information from anywhere.

    Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

    Between court dates, travel, and working remotely, complete mobility has actually become a possibility. It should be no surprise that your lawyers are now carrying several mobile devices. But that also complicates things. And with law firms implementing “bring your own device” (BYOD) policies, another layer of complexity has been added to your IT staff’s already crazy schedule. Not only are lawyers bringing their own devices, they are expecting IT to support and manage multiple devices on multiple platforms with multiple operating systems.

    Mobile Device Management

    MDM provides IT managers with a console through which to manage the security of personal devices on a company’s network. This management includes the ability to remote wipe, enforce passwords and encrypt data. MDM also provides greater visibility into the types of devices attempting to access the network and the ability to allow or block specific applications. Get to know our mobility solutions and products that keep your staff moving:

    Mobile Devices

    Looking to reign in the types of mobile devices used by your lawyers? We have the smartphones, tablets, and notebooks that will keep your employees productive, no matter where they are. Take a look at our selection:


    In every organization, there are people who get technology. And people who don’t. And yet, heads of IT face the daunting problem of an increasing number of people to support and complex, growing networks to manage—with the simultaneous pressure to reduce costs and cut headcount. We’ve got technology solutions and services for your law firm:

    Managed Services

    Our managed services offerings can help you ensure your data is secure and protected while allowing you to focus on other strategic initiatives. Your organization can reduce capital expenses while ensuring quality, flexibility, and security from our hosted services. You can contract with CDW for remote management support of your dedicated networks, systems, databases, and applications.

    Cloud Services

    Migrating to the cloud is a big deal. We get it. And we can help you get there. We can show you how legal service organizations just like yours are turning to the cloud to get more out of their infrastructure—securely and cost effectively.


    We partner with leading telecommunications vendors to provide you with state-of-the-art voice communication and wide area network and data solutions. With more than 70 carriers and 600 data centers domestically and internationally, CDW consistently saves clients 10-30% by being one of the largest direct agencies/brokers of telecommunication services and IP telephony in the world.

    Powerful Litigation Support
    Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM)
    EDRM is a comprehensive industry guideline to help litigation support teams, including corporate enterprises and law firms, better manage E-Discovery processes. EDRM is designed to drive the capture and access of all types of electronically stored information (ESI); the management of the information; the exchange, sharing and presentation of the information; and accurate use of the information.
    Which EDRM solution is right for you?
    Contact Us Now or call 888.631.4239 to find the best fit—fast. We get Legal IT.
    We are proud to collaborate with these leading partners on EDRM integration:
    Download a free CDW white paper on electronic document management here.

    New Tools in the Nick of Time

    The Organization: Lamb McErlane
    The Location: Westchester, PA
    The Solution: Total Software Management
    The Project: Learn how CDW helped a Pennsylvania law firm implement software that helps with large discovery requests. Get the story »

    Large Law Firm Wins with UC

    The Organization: Burr & Forman
    The Location: SE United States
    The Solution: Unified Communication
    The Project: Law firm implements ShoreTel softphone technology to increase productivity and collaboration. Get the story »

    A Technology Precedent

    The Organization: Golden & Waters
    The Location: Lexington, KY
    The Solution: Mobility
    The Project: An infrastructure upgrade coupled with the latest mobile and productivity technologies. Get the story »

    Power of Attorney

    The Organization: Dowling Aaron
    The Location: Fresno, CA
    The Solution: Mobility
    The Project: Balancing attorney's personal preferences with what is best for the firm. Get the story »

    Leveraging IP Communications

    The Organization: Michael Best & Friedrich
    The Location: Midwest
    The Solution: Unified Communications
    The Project: Streamline communication between attorneys and clients. Get the story »

    McAfee Helps Increase Productivity and Better Serve Clients

    The Organization: Holme Roberts & Owen LLP
    The Location: Denver, CO
    The Solution: Unified Communications
    The Project: Increase productivity to better serve clients by reducing e-mail threats. Get the story »

    McAfee MOVE AntiVirus Secures Virtualized Desktops

    The Organization: Freehills
    The Location: International
    The Solution: Remote Management
    The Project: Providing remote access to key corporate systems in a flexible manner. Get the story »

    On the Case — Managing Data Overload

    The Organization: Lewis Wagner LLP
    The Location: Indianapolis, IN
    The Solution: Storage Management
    The Project: Retool infrastructure and move to a virtualized server and storage environment. Get the story »

    Tight Security Bolsters Law Firm Network

    The Organization: Meltzer, Purtill & Stelle
    The Location: Chicago, IL
    The Solution: Security
    The Project: Leveraging a secure platform as the basis for multifunctional IT infrastructure. Get the story »

    Transforming Communications

    The Organization: Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione
    The Location: Chicago, IL
    The Solution: Unified Communications
    The Project: A progressive firm adopts technology to its fullest potential. Get the story »



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