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For E-mail Protection Service and Small Business Web Hosting, reference the support documentation below. If you cannot find the solution to your problem, contact Technical Support:

E-Mail: Managed Services Help
Phone: 608.288.4000

CDW Email Protection Service (powered by McAfee)


Access McAfee SaaS Email and Web Security Support by clicking here.

Small Business Web Hosting

E-mail Support

E-mail configuration steps for:


Microsoft Outlook

Common Issues

I can receive e-mail but not send. I get a "relaying denied" error message.

This usually occurs when your ISP is blocking the outgoing mail request because your domain is not recognized by the ISP's mail servers. This can be remedied by changing the outgoing (SMTP) mail server in your e-mail program to match that of your ISP. A list of SMTP server names for common ISPs can be found here.

I suddenly cannot send or receive e-mail.

If your spam filter settings are set to "Quarantine", this quarantine may have filled up your mailbox, as it does not expire and is not automatically deleted from our mail server. To empty it, log into webmail, click "Mail" and the "Junk" folder. If you see a great deal of e-mail there, you may need to empty the folder before you will be able to send and receive again. Note: You can right-click the "Junk" folder and select "Empty Folder" to clean out the entire folder in one stroke; this is useful if you have a large quarantine.

My senders are being blocked/tagged as spam.

You'll need to whitelist the sender's e-mail address in webmail. Log in, click "Preferences" and "Filtering Preferences".. Enter the sender's e-mail address under the field "Never block the following e-mail addresses" and click "Allow". To whitelist an entire domain, enter "*@domanname.com" into that same field and click "Allow".

For additional assistance, please contact our Help Desk:

608.288.4000 - Option 1

888.793.2480 - Option 1


FTP Support

To make changes to your website, you'll need to establish an FTP connection. In your FTP program, use the following information:

hostname: ftp.domainname

username: username.domainname

password: your FTP password

With these credentials, your FTP program should open the contents of the home folder configured for that username. To gain root-level access to the contents of your domain, log in with the same hostname, but simply use your domain as the username, and your WebsiteOS administrative password. This will grant you access to all files and folders.

Using Microsoft FrontPage

In order to use Microsoft FrontPage to modify your site, you'll need to enable FrontPage Extensions and activate the FrontPage Manager module within the Website Management section of WebsiteOS. In FrontPage Manager, you will set a password that you will need to enter into Microsoft FrontPage when publishing your site.

WebsiteOS Help

WebsiteOS is the name for the administrative website where you can configure and manage e-mail accounts, FTP accounts, databases, and more. Which function are you using?

E-mail Accounts

FTP Accounts


File Management

Web Stats

DNS Management

For other functions not listed, please contact us for more information:

608.288.4000 - Option 1

888.793.2480 - Option 1


Mailbag Support

Mailbag Documentation

Access the Mailbag E-Mail Service Self-Help Documentation Portal by clicking here.